Plexylandia was born at the end of the eighties in the heart of Milan, out of an exclusive idea: to give Plexiglass a soul, noble material, great quality and a good degree of biocompatibility with the human tissue.

Plexiglass is similar to the crystal, transparent and bright, for this reason it is also referred to as acrylic crystal.

From here we had the vision to create fashion jewellery and accessories that express the concept of unity by combining the purity of plexyglass to the radiance of the Swarovski crystal, obtaining at last the emotion of transparency.

Our jewellery is made at our Milan-based office, a unique space that encloses the craftsmanship of the made in Italy.

Each product is unique because it is entirely designed and created by hand, it comes together with a certificate of guarantee indicating the hand workmanship “made in Italy” and the authenticity of the Swarovski crystals.

Clinical tests done at the Centro di Cosmetologia – Italian University Institute – demonstrate that all Plexylandia jewellery products have been dermatologically tested and do not irritate the skin.

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